A talk with Mr. Shimizu, a Saitama mayor, has been published in the Saitama newspaper.


Masashi had a talk with Mr. Shimizu, a Saitama mayor about the actual condition of the Japanese Bonsai world and the foresight of its future as the next WBFF will be held in Saitama-shi, Japan in April of 2017.
WBFF(World Bonsai Friendship Federation) is an international non-profit organization that was organized in 1989 in Japan.
It aims for the world peace through Bonsai. WBFF holds every 4 years.
The first WBFF was in Saitama-shi and after 28 years it will come back to Japan.
The competition will have demonstrations of pruning, workshops and party. Venues will be Oomiya sonic city, Oomiya Bonsai village and Oomiya Bonsai museum.
Masashi commented in the newspaper that he would like not only Bonsai lovers/fans from overseas but also many Japanese people to come to the WBFF to discover the fascination of Bonsai.
(Top left photo: (from left) Masashi Hirao, Shimizu mayor.)
(Right bottom photo: Masashi demonstrating Bonsai in Mexico)