Debriefing session for the Japanese cultural envoy 2013


A forum was held on February 28th for the 6 Envoys who had finished their abroad activities in 2013 and 2014.
Masashi Hirao reported his activities and experiences with his “Bonsai Warrior” movie and some photos.

文化交流使2s hirao_speech

Narumi Osawa – professional GO player
Miho Yamaji – Koto/Shamisen player
Souun Takeda – Kanji Artist
Novmichi Tosa – President of Meiwa denki
Syuhei Hasado – Japanese plaster craftman
Masashi Hirao – Bonsai specialist

Time and date: 14:30~18:00 on February 28th 2014
Place: National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies in Roppongi

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