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  • Setouchi Triennale 2016 Summer period
    feel feel BONSAI

  • Setouchi Triennale 2016 Summer period
     Masashi Hirao × SEPPUKU PISTPOLS

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  • It is a documentary scheduled for completion in 2014 [BONSAI WARRIOR]
    Director Yo Umezaki/Producer Kaori Mayama

Masashi Hirao Profile

bonsai master Masashi Hirao ProfileBonsai master - Masashi Hirao
DOB: February 15th 1981
 Having visited Mirei Shigemori’work-Hojo garden at Tofukuji while he was in Kyoto Sangyo University, Masashi was strongly impressed by the beauty of it. Since then he has had his sights on carrying on the Japanese culture and decided to be apprenticed to Kato Manseien in Bonsai cho, Saitama city, Japan. Masashi studied under Saburo Kato and his words to him “Be the one to spread out the great Japanese Bonsai not only in Japan but also overseas” made Masashi expanded the range of his activities.

 Masashi performs Bonsai demonstrations, workshops and other performances in various countries and as a result of effort, he was chosen as a Japanese cultural envoy for 2013 and spent 4 months in 11 countries to teach people the beauty and joy of Bonsai. He had a great cultural exchange through Bonsai.

 Masashi aims for finding more possibilities of Bonsai to have more gallery exhibitions and performances overseas. In Japan, he would like to have not only presentations of the Bonsai suitable for new life space but also have lectures and educate the young generation about Bonsai.

■ Bonsai demonstration

Having one Bonsai ready to prune(trim branches) and wire(to put wires around branches to make a tree strong) in front of the audience. Masashi’s demonstration is for 2 to 4 hours to show the way of the Japanese Bonsai making and also the development of the further techniques.

  • Bonsai demonstration01
  • Bonsai demonstration02

■ Bonsai performances

Masashi does one Bonsai work at bars, clubs, or even on a street with a band or DJ for the people who are not familiar with Bonsai so they can get to know Bonsai with great enjoyment.

  • Bonsai performances01
  • Bonsai performances02

■ Bonsai Workshop

An activity of how to make and manage the Bonsai which Bonsai lovers brought. There are people from the beginners to the advanced so the workshop takes 2 to 3 hours at the shortest and 2 days at the longest. It is a Bonsai class to teach people how to be able to tell great trees from others and extract their potential beauty.

  • Bonsai Workshop01
  • Bonsai Workshop02


October :Demonstration at Roppongi art night
June :Donated bonsai to King of Bhutan
April: Bonsai Nursery [Seisho-en] Open
March: Bonsai Project at Setouchi International Art Festival
January: Demonstration at Google [Cultural Institute]
January: Demonstration at Omiya Takashimaya
August: Appears on new balance for [beta people].
May: Demonstration at Milano Expo 2015 in Italy.
February to April: visited Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Holland, Slovakia, Turkey and Czech Republic for the activity of spreading out Bonsai in the world as a Japanese cultural envoy.
January: Appears on TV Tokyo for the documentary program called “Crossroad”. The program introduces one person each time who keeps challenging in their own fields.
December: A Bonsai book supervised by Masashi Hirao was published.
visited Italy, Germany, Holland, Slovakia, Lithuania and Latvia for the activity of spreading out Bonsai in the world as a Japanese cultural envoy.
September: World Bonsai Competition in China
May: Bonsai Asia Competition in Philippines
Demonstration as the head of Oomiya Bonsai in France
Demonstration as the head of Oomiya Bonsai in Holland
Participated in Japan festival in Philippines
Participated in Japan festival in Italy
Bonsai demonstration in Argentina
Acted as a Bonsai technical supervisor in Spain
Completed a training and took up a post as a manager at Manseien
Became Saburo Kato's pupil
Graduated from Kyoto Sangyo University, majored in economics

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