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Masashi will appear on TV Tokyo!


Masashi will appear on TV Tokyo for the documentary program called “Crossroad” on January 3rd 2015.
The program introduces one person each time who keeps challenging in their own fields.
And now it is Masashi’s turn so please don’t miss it!
Masashi on TV Tokyo “Crossroad” starts at 22:45 on January 3rd 2015

An introductory Bonsai book supervised by Masashi Hirao was released on December 16th 2014!


A Bonsai book in Japanese “Create, Cultivate and Enjoy introduction to Bonsai” supervised by Masashi Hirao is now available at stores.
You won’t need any advance knowledge about Bonsai.
With this book of Masashi’s guidance and scrupulous care, you can start fun Bonsai right away.
“Create, Cultivate and Enjoy introduction to Bonsai” Price:1,800 yen (only in Japanese)
Also available at Amazon:
“Create, Cultivate and Enjoy introduction to Bonsai”

Masashi delivers his lines at university


Masashi will talk about his overseas activities as a Bonsai master and Japan cultural envoy for 2013 at Sagami campus of Joshibi University of Art and Design.
He will have a Bonsai performance as well.
Please come and join him!
Date: July 20th  2014
Time: 13:30~15:30
Place: Joshibi University of Art and Design, sagami campus, 632 class room, 3rd floor of Building 6
Joshibi University of Art and Design URL:

Masashi will be on air


Masashi was interviewed by “NEWS ZERO” of Nippon TV.
He talks about Bonsai that is spreading out in the world, the new Bonsai era and his activities outside Japan.
The interview will be on air on June 12th 2014 at about 23:52 Japan time. (airdate will be subject to change).
It is just for 40 seconds so please don’t miss it!
NEWS ZERO: (in Japanese)

Masashi introduced in the International house of Japan magazine


Masashi is introduced in the International house of Japan’s magazine “I-House Quaterly No.2”.
His article is about “Blazing the way. A young master brings Bonsai into a new era”.
It will be published on June 10th 2014 and available for free at International house of Japan or cooperation groups.
It is written in English as well.
The International House of Japan is a private, non-profit organization incorporated, with support from the Rockefeller Foundation and other private institution and individuals, in 1952 for the purpose of promoting cultural exchange and intellectual cooperation between the peoples of Japan and those of other countries.
Magazine is published quarterly. (every March, June, September and December)
International house of Japan URL:

At the EU-Japan Fest committee


Masashi was introduced by the EU-Japan Fest committee before leaving for Europe.
EU-Japan Fest backs up artists or people who play an active role in the artistic culture.
EU-Japan Fest committee in Japan:
Please click the picture above to go to Masashi’s article.

Masashi will be again on Bonsai journey


Masashi is going to Europe to participate in events and share his great Bonsai work with people from May to July 2014.
Workshop con Masashi Hirao
Date:May 31st
Place:Ghezzano, Italy
Masashi will have Bonsai workshop. Please join him in making one Bonsai art in if you are nearby.
Prepare Bonsai for the worrier
Date:June 15th
Place: Dudenhofen ‎,Germany
Masashi’s another great workshop in Germany.
Check out his flier:

More information about Masashi’s Bonsai journey coming soon!

A talk with Mr. Shimizu, a Saitama mayor, has been published in the Saitama newspaper.


Masashi had a talk with Mr. Shimizu, a Saitama mayor about the actual condition of the Japanese Bonsai world and the foresight of its future as the next WBFF will be held in Saitama-shi, Japan in April of 2017.
WBFF(World Bonsai Friendship Federation) is an international non-profit organization that was organized in 1989 in Japan.
It aims for the world peace through Bonsai. WBFF holds every 4 years.
The first WBFF was in Saitama-shi and after 28 years it will come back to Japan.
The competition will have demonstrations of pruning, workshops and party. Venues will be Oomiya sonic city, Oomiya Bonsai village and Oomiya Bonsai museum.
Masashi commented in the newspaper that he would like not only Bonsai lovers/fans from overseas but also many Japanese people to come to the WBFF to discover the fascination of Bonsai.
(Top left photo: (from left) Masashi Hirao, Shimizu mayor.)
(Right bottom photo: Masashi demonstrating Bonsai in Mexico)

Debriefing session for the Japanese cultural envoy 2013


A forum was held on February 28th for the 6 Envoys who had finished their abroad activities in 2013 and 2014.
Masashi Hirao reported his activities and experiences with his “Bonsai Warrior” movie and some photos.

文化交流使2s hirao_speech

Narumi Osawa – professional GO player
Miho Yamaji – Koto/Shamisen player
Souun Takeda – Kanji Artist
Novmichi Tosa – President of Meiwa denki
Syuhei Hasado – Japanese plaster craftman
Masashi Hirao – Bonsai specialist

Time and date: 14:30~18:00 on February 28th 2014
Place: National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies in Roppongi

About the state of that day please go to Japan cultural envoy facebook

About the agency for cultural affairs